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Lt SA5992 Hydraulic Pipe High Pressure Hose 1/4 Inch Convoluted Oil Hose for Large Scale Long Range Machinery Excavators Tractor Rubber Hose Pipe Price List

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Product Description

LT SA5992Super Artery EXCEEDS ISO18752-BC/CC/DCProduct application:suitable for large-scale long-range machinery such as excavators or demanding environments. Inner rubber layer:Neoprene synthetic rubber, suitable for hydraulic oil that can be degradedReinforcement layer:two layers of steel wire braiding (1/4" 5/16"), pulse ≥500,000 times, four layers of steel wire winding (3/8" 1 1/4"), pulse ≥1 million times, six layers Wire winding (1 1/2" 2"), pulse ≥ 1 million timesOuter layer:non-stripping, wear-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubberTemperature range:-40ºC to +121ºC (-40ºF to +250ºF)Low bending:the bending radius is reduced by 48% compared with ISO18752 standard; it is reduced by 50% compared with SAE standardHigh pressure:pressure complies with ISO18752-BC/CC/DC standard

Product Parameters

modelISO18752Inner diameter of hose (mm)Outer diameter of hose (mm)Working pressure (MPa)Minimum burst pressure (MPa)Minimum bending radius(mm)Weight (kg/m)Connector series
5992 standard tube5992AR wear-resistant tube AR5992SAR super wear-resistant tube
SA5992-1/4"-2BCCCCC6.31540160500.28331 series
SA5992-5/16"-3BCCCCC816.335140600.32631 series
SA5992-3/8"-4BCCCCC1018.735140630.52431 series
SA5992-1/2"-4CCCCDC132135140900.70141 series
SA5992-5/8"-4CCCCDC1623.9351401000.81741 series
SA5992-3/4"-4CCCCDC1928351401201.14341 series
SA5992-1"-4CCCCDC2535.5351401501.64941 series
SA5992-11/4"-4CCCCDC3244.5351402102.25541 series
SA5992-11/24"-6CCCCDC3852.5351402254.34861 series
SA5992-2"-6CCCCDC5167.5351403186.12161 series

Packaging & Shipping

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Application Scenario

Company Profile

Established in 2003, Letone is an industry-recognized high-quality rubber hose manufacture and service company, which devotes to the production, R&D, and sale of rubber compounds, rubber hoses & fluid connectors and rubber-plastic seals. Thanks to its stable quality and good reputation in the market, Letone has won the"Top Ten Rubber Hose Enterprises in China" issued by the China Rubber Industry Association Rubber & Belt Branch for many consecutive years. On 15th Nov. 2021, Letone (Stock Code: 832225) is listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange.Letone now has 46 high-speed steel wire braiders, 12 steel wire spiral production lines, 8 industrial hose production lines, 200 CNC lathes and 2 automatic rubber compound production lines service in-house. Meanwhile, Letone is capable to produce rubber compounds 15,000 tons per year, rubber seals and other rubber products 20 million pieces per year, and the annual production capacity of hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses has increased to 30 million meters.


As an experienced professional hose manufacturer, Letone has obtained the Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products, certificate of MSHA, API Type Approval (API 16C and API 7K), ABS Type Approval (Drilling Equipment and Flexible Wire Braided Rubber Hose Assembly), GOST certificate, Lloyd's Fire Test Certificate and meets the requirements of quality management systems such as ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015, API Q1, IATF 16949:2016, etc. Letone also holds the environment management system international certification issued by IMS (comply with ISO14001:2015 standard). The Letone Testing Center has obtained the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate issued by CNAS in 2016. There are more than 20 laboratories include impulse test laboratory, burst test laboratory, fire test laboratory, salt spray laboratory, etc. The testing report is identified as objectivity, accuracy and authority.

Success Case

Application case of excavator hose in construction machineryWidely used in various types of construction machinery such as excavators. It has the characteristics of long life (5 years weather resistance, 2 years warranty), high pressure (25% higher than SAE/DIN standard), pulse resistance, low bending, etc. It is suitable
for excavators and other large construction machinery.

Successful Use of Hydraulic Hose AssembliesWhen assembling the hose, the recommended insertion depth has not been followed and the fitting has come off. After replacing the hose assembly, before crimping the new hose, mark the outer rubber of the hose according to the insertion depth indicated on our sample, and then insert the hose until the edge of the sleeve aligns

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1,Question: What are your hose products?
Solution: The main material of our hoses is rubber. In order to cope with different hose usage conditions, there will be different hoses, such as high temperature resistant steam hoses, corrosion resistant chemical delivery hoses, ultra-high pressure cleaning hoses, Petroleum drilling hoses, etc.
2,Question: What certificates do you have?
Solution: Each hose we produce has obtained corresponding certificates, especially ISO and ABS system certificates, which is the recognition of our production capacity.
3,Question: How long is your lead time?
Solution: Usually the delivery period is 15 days
4,Question: How long is the service life of your hoses?
Solution: Different hoses have different service life, but the hoses we produce are relatively long-life hoses on the basis of standards