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Fast Delivery Bias OTR Forklift Llanta Tyre 4.00-8 5.00-8 6.00-9 18X7-8 6.50-10 21X8-9 7.00-12 Wholesale Pneumatic Cushion Industrial Forklift Truck Tires/Tyres

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ATLAPEX Brand Pneumatic Forklift Tires:
ATLAPEX Forklift Tires are widely used in forklift and materiahandling area for dieseal forklift, electric forklift, reach stacker.With the feature of its good traction, large contact footprint,ATLAPEX industrial tires can be used in extreme duty workingcondition.

• New Pattern design supports longer working life.

• Special compound could be used in much more hard working sites.

• Non-symmetric tread offers more traction power and better wear-ability.

• Wide and extra deep tread provides stronger traction, longer life and puncture resistance.

Company ProfileATLAPEX is a leading international specialty tires and wheels manufacturer & distributor since 2007, loacated in Shandong province with oversea sales office in Qingdao.
The ATLAPEX manufacturing and sales team consists of veteran professional specialty tires engineers and sales engineers who have been working many years in tire industry. It has built a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation which specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of OTR tires, industrial solid tires, Agriculture tires, truck tires application to forklift, aerial working platforms, mining machinery, construction machinery, warehouse equipment etc.


18x7-816 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2 Forklift
21x8-914 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2 Forklift
23x9-1016 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2 Forklift
27x10-1218 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2 Forklift
4.00-88 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K23000 Forklift
5.00-810 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K22700 Forklift
6.00-910 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K21460 Forklift
6.00-912 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K21460 Forklift
6.50-1012 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K21340 Forklift
7.00-1212 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2940 Forklift
7.00-1214 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2940 Forklift
250-1520 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2630 Forklift
28X9-1514 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2770 Forklift
7.00-1512 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2790 Forklift
7.00-1514 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2650 Forklift
7.50-1512 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2650 Forklift
7.50-1616 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2610 Forklift
825-1514 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2460 Forklift
825-1516 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2460 Forklift
300-1520 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2400 Forklift
9.00-2014 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2316 Forklift
9.00-2016 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2316 Forklift
10.00-2016 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2210 Forklift
11.00-2016 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2200 Forklift
12.00-2020 TTIND-4ATLAPEXAT-4K2170 Forklift

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FAQHow to Select the Right Tires with right pattern for Wheel Loader in different applications?Re. Selecting a right tires with right pattern for wheel loaders may make a significant different peformance on jobsites. If the correct tire pattern is chosen for the right application, it can save money and avoid downtime. Choosing a right pattern is most related to the Working conditions of the wheel loaders, following is recommendation of the pattern for wheel laders according to the different working conditions.
In normal wheel loader working condition, L2 or L3 tread design is suggested to be used. With the L2 pattern, maximum traction and self-cleaning ability in sand and soft working conditions is favorable.
The L-4/E-4 offers rock resistance(cut resistance) in a rocky working condition, When looking for tire treads in pit and quarry applications, the bigger the tread pattern, the better performance.

Is possible to develop a new size or model for a special applications?
Re. Of course, it is our pleasure to work with our partner and customer very close, We developed 66.00x43-25 for our Russia customer, and developing 49-17 for our Costa Rica partner, and 66.00x44-25 for Dubai customer, boom lift tires and airport support tires for our USA customers.

What's OTR tire line you have?
Re. ATLAPEX is Offering the most complete OTR tire line serving different applications cover the range for loader tires , dozer tires, ADT tires, rigid dumper truck tires , crane tires, port tires, underground mining tires, mining truck tires, skid steer tires, backhoe loader tires, excavator tires, forklift tires. MPT tires, Monster truck tires, seismic vibrating tires. Etc.

What's kind of row materials have been used in Atlapex OTR tires?
Re. Atlapex engineering team only source Materials from Best-in-Class Suppliers Only. For instance, natural rubber from Malaysia & Thailand Only, Carbon black from Cabot of USA, Butyl Polymers: ExxonMobil Chemical of USA.




*36 Months WarrantyATLAPEX offers 36 months warranty for our specialty tires and wheels. Responsable every single tire out of us.*Full Range of Applications.ATLAPEX full range of products application to aerial working platforms, mining and construction machinery, material handling etc.*Production Visualization ReportYou can get a Visualization Report for all products, appearance will be sent through by pictures and video before delivery.*High Standard Inspection ProcessATLAPEX is always responsible for every single tire out of us, we do full inspection to all products from raw material to delivery process.