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Multiply Polyester Ep Rubber Conveyor Belt

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Rubber Conveyor Belt

To be used for delivering materials in such sectors as coais , mining , port,Metallurgy , power and chemical Industry.
The Sunny Rubber Conveyor Belt is suitable for conveying easy sifted materilas in powder, granulated and small lump, paste and liquid, widely used in loading and unloading transportation systems such as ore mine, coal mine, stations and wharf to conveying materials in shape of lump, partials, and powders, etc.

Cotton Conveyor Belt
CC conveyor belt is suitable for conveying non-corrosive and pointless bulk or granular particle or powder materials, such as coal, coke, sand or cement under normal temperature with light and thin in construction, high tensile strength, good grooving performance, small power consumption of plant equipment and energy saving.

Good elasticity for belt body with high strength, impact resistance, good flexing life, troughability and small elongation for use .
It is applicable for delivering for delivering materiais over medium and long distances wit-h bigger load at high speed. Sandwich layer has twq materials of Nylon 6 and Nylon 66, the latter of which h-as a better stability in size at normal and high temperatures.

Nylon conveyor belt is characterized by thin in the tape body, good impact and flexural strength, light weight, fatigue durability, as well as best bonding strength between layers, thus having a long lasting service life.
The product is suitable for use in the sectors such as building, port, chemical engineering and mine where requiring medium-and-long conveying distance, high operating speed of conveyor-belt and great conveying volume.


High modulus for belt body, small elongation for use. good stability for hert resistance, impact resisting,a-pplicable for delivering materiais over medium and long distances with bigger load at high speed . Sandwich layer has two materials of EP and D.S.EP,the latter of which is high temperature and low contraction type, with better stability in size at normal and high temperatures.
Polyester core conveyer belt is a multi-layer polyester canvas bonded together by a certain way, from top to bottom coverage of high strength, good wear-resistant flexible rubber, no special corrosion for the transmission of small and medium-sized block, powder, granular and other materials. Applicable to long-distance, high capacity, high-speed delivery of materials under the conditions.

Light weight for belt body. with high strength , impact resistance, small elongation, good flexing life , good stability for heat resistance, with non corrosion . It is applicable for delivering materials over long distance with bigger load at high speed.


Delaminated conveyor belt of textile construction , with difference of coverings , are classified into such types as ordinary . heat resisting , hi - temperature resisting , antifriction , hot - grinding resisting . ordinary antiflaming , electrostatic conducting acid / alkali resisting , oil resisting and foodstuff
Applied Standards&Key Technical Indicators of Delaminated Conveyor Belt
TypesStandard and key indicators
Ordinary typeB/T 7984
Heat resisting typeHG/T 2297 Type 2 (good for 125°C)
Hi-temperature resisting typeHG/T 2297 Type 3 (good for 150°C)
Hot-grinding resisting typeAbrasion vale≤ 150 mm, good for belowl25°C
Ordinary antiflaming typeAbrasion vale≤90mm3
Antifriction typeGB 10822
Cold-resisting typeBrittleness temperature-50°C
Acid.alkali and oil resisting typeHG-4846
Note:Design can be made subject to various application.

Super Wide Rubber Conveyor Belt

When the belt is wider than 1.8m, we call it super wide belt. Sunny Rubber has 3.5m and 6.5m wide vulcanizing machines, which can make belts from 1800-5500mm. Thickness can be from 12-42mm. The surface is smooth due to good quality of equipment and good production process. Customers can customize different belts based on different special requirements.

Manufacturing strength:

1. Complete testing devices and process

2. Effective production equipment and process

3. Reliable inspection team

Company profile

Yantai Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd established in 2005, located in Economic Development Area of Qixia City, Shandong Province. It is high-tech enterprise. Main products are pneumatically operated spillway gate, rubber dam, filter belt, conveyor belt, etc.
The workshop is 22,000 square meters, equipment 200 sets, worker 230. It owns 11 patents for invention, 18 patents for utility. With the full capacity of design, production, installation and after sales, more than 100 spillway gates were built by Sunny in domestic, for power plant impounding and river management. Our product also export to Italy, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina etc.