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High Strength Industrial Conveyor Belt Durable Rubber Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

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Product Description

Steel Wire Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel cord conveyor belt is a rubber conveyor belt with steel wire as the carcass. The utility model has the advantages of large tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, small use elongation, good channeling performance, good bending resistance and flexibility, which is suitable for the material transportation under the tear proof conditions required by the industries of coal mines, mines, cement, ports, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, etc., and can be used for the transportation of materials with long distance, high speed and 130 meters of lifting height.

Steel cord conveyor belt is composed of core rubber, steel cord, covering layer and edge rubber

Specification and detailed introduction
1. The first advantage is the tension of the conveyor belt. The tension of the general conveyor belt can reach 400, while the basic foundation of steel cord conveyor belt is 630.
2. The steel cord conveyor belt is heat-resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant, which can bear higher temperature and lower temperature, and can bear the conveying environment of 300 ºC and -40 ºC.
3. The transportation distance of the steel cord conveyor belt is longer, and the ordinary conveyor belt can be several thousand meters. Because of the internal tear resistant belt core, the steel wire cord conveyor belt can be transported for tens of thousands of meters.
4. It can transport more and heavier materials, such as large ores

Product Parameters

Features And Advantages:

1. Zinc galvanized open type steel cord
The cords are constructed to provide high flexibility, low elongation and to permit efficient and high strength splice design. The zinc galvanized cord adheres with rubber tightly to provide and excellent barrier against corrosion.
2. High tensile strength
Steel cord belt can satisfy requirements from most customers. Stronger belts for long overland transportation system are under development.
3. Decrease tension stroke
Maximum elongation rate under specified load is only 0.25%, this allows a lower cost on tension system in many applications, and make steel cord conveyor belt the preferred choice for long overland transportation where minimum elongation rate is critical.
4. Long splice life
Our proven splice methods, validated dynamic tester, result in dynamic splice of efficiency of excess of 50% rating in DIN22131-3. With proper technique, splice can last the life of the belt.
5. High impact resistance
Excellent adhesion between rubber cover and carcass can realize high impact and tear resistance.
6. Low transportation cost
Less conveyors and splices, shorter tension stroke, and reduced belt inventory can significantly reduce investment requirements. Longer belt, longer splice life and shorter downtime can lower transportation cost per ton.

Main Technical Parameters


GradeT.B. ≥ MPaE.B. ≥ (%)Abrasion ≥ (mm3) Layers Bonding(N/mm) rubber cover and layers bonding (N/mm)
cover rubber thickness
cover rubber thickness ≥1.5mm
W1840090 ≥5 3.5 4.5

Manufacturing strength:

1. Complete testing devices and process

2. Effective production equipment and process

3. Reliable inspection team

Company Profile

Company profile

Yantai Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd established in 2005, located in Economic Development Area of Qixia City, Shandong Province. It is high-tech enterprise. Main products are pneumatically operated spillway gate, rubber dam, filter belt, conveyor belt, etc.
The workshop is 22,000 square meters, equipment 200 sets, worker 230. It owns 11 patents for invention, 18 patents for utility. With the full capacity of design, production, installation and after sales, more than 100 spillway gates were built by Sunny in domestic, for power plant impounding and river management. Our product also export to Italy, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina etc.