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Top Quality General Purpose Htv Silicone Rubber for Making Rubber Parts Auto Parts Industrial Spare Parts Silicone Rubber Parts

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Top Quality General Purpose HTV Silicone Rubber for making Rubber Parts Auto Parts Industrial Spare Parts Silicone Rubber Parts
good insulation properties, easy processing for molding or extrusion.
Application: mainly used in cable accessories, cable accessories (coupler Electric cabinet, cable joint and terminal), hollow insulation casing pipe, Rubber Parts Auto Parts Industrial Spare Parts, Silicone Rubber Parts etc.
Safety information: products comply with the requirements of ROHS standards, has passed SGS test and related Detection of power performance.
Characteristics of silicon rubber cable
(1)High and low temperature resistance, under the temperature of 200 DEG C can be used for a long
time, in 60 degrees is elastic;
(2)Electrical insulation properties, excellent dielectric properties of silicone rubber, especially
the dielectric properties in high temperature is much more than the general organic rubber,
dielectric strength at 20 - 200 DEG range almost not affected by temperature;
(3)Excellent weather resistance, resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation resistance,
long-term outdoor use does not crack. Generally believed that the silicone rubber can be used more
than 20 years in the outdoor;
(4)Excellent high temperature compression;
(5)silicone rubber has good processability, easy molding and other advantages, through the hot air
vulcanization molding, extrusion molding, mold and molding method and extension of the production
of a variety of products. Because of the silicone rubber products with excellent comprehensive
performance and good technical and economic effect has in aviation