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RTV2 Jelly Silicone Glue for HEPA Filter Air Filter Sealing

Date:2023-09-20 09:50:50VIew:

RTV2 Jelly Silicone Glue for HEPA Filter Air Filter SealingProduct Description

Silicone gel is viscous, transparent liquid with low viscosity, and belongs to two-component addition cure silicone rubber. After mixing the part A and part B at a mix ratio of 1:1, it cures at room temperature or by heating and becomes gel-like elastomer. This silicone rubber is used for the surface of poly-carbonate (PC), PP, ABS, PVC and metal, etc. The curing reaction does not generate heat or any by-products.

Detailed Photos Product Parameters OTT-DN Jelly Gel
ItemMixing RatioColorHardness (Shore A)Viscosity (mPa·s)Working Time (25ºC)Curing Time (25ºC)Tear Strength (kN/m)Tensile Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Shrinkage (%)

  1. Environment-friendly, odorless and nontoxic, not generate by-products
  2. Low viscosity, easy to pour
  3. Good self-leveling and softness
  4. Excellent adhesion property for most materials
  5. Excellent electrical properties suitable for sealing and waterproof of electrical and electronic devises
  6. Resistance to weather, high and low temperature, corrosion, moisture
  7. Cure at room temperature or by heating
  8. Non oily
  9. Shrinkage is almost zero
Installation Instructions

1. Stir part A 100g and part B 100g with 1:1 mixing ratio evenly.

2. And get the mixture for vacuum-pumping. (If there is no vacuum machine, you can just pour the mixture slowly from the edge so that less bubbles generate).

3. Pour the mixture with correct mixing ratio into your product.

4. After 8~12 hours, it will cure.

Note: The time for vacuum-pumping should be less than 3~5min, otherwise, if the silicone gel has cross-link reaction during vacuum, it will not be operated.

Our Advantages

Guangzhou OTT New Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer of RTV liquid silicone in China. We are a science and technology manufacturer, professionally focus on R&D for liquid RTV silicone, and provide a serial services of silicone such as molding, insoles, sexy dolls, electronics, relative silicone materials and latest developed products, etc

1.high quality similar to global big brand
2.18 months shelf life
3.50-1000 duplication time decided by product sizes
4.silicone non toxic, environment friendly delivery within 4-6 days
6.shipment by air or by sea is available
7.24h after sales service
8.professional R&D team

Packaging & Shipping

Packing : 20KG, 25KG, 200 KG per drum
Shipping : by air & by sea
Delivery time: within 4-6 days after your payment confirmed in our bank
Storage: Storage in cool, dry places.
Shelf life: 18 months with the original unopened package



1. What's silicone products you are making?
--liquid silicone, silicone rubber, silicone oil; Due to different silicone molds, our silicone has different viscosity, and cause different hardness, density to meet the requests from client.

2. Do you offer free sample to client?
--Yes, we can provide the sample for test.

3. How about the quality control in your factory?
--We have professional QC team to control the quality during production. Goods will be 100% inspected before shipment.

4. How to remove the bubbles during my mould making?
--After mixing liquid silicone with curing agent, please put the material into vacuum machine to take off the bubbles.

5. How to get good silicone mould to use longer time?
--The best way is: #A, Please choose the right liquid silicone according to your products. #B, Don't use any silicone oil in mold making, because it can make the silicone mould become too soft to use. #C, Silicone mould can be used longer after the whole silicone mould fully cured, so it's better to wait 2 hours after mould finished.

6. Why silicone rubber add curing agent after mixing a lot of bubbles?
--This is normal physical phenomena. The liquid will produce a large number of bubbles in the mixing time, so, it must pass through the vacuum exhaust bubble treatment.