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Manufacture ODM & OEM Polyurethane Coats Roller Coaster

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Manufacture ODM & OEM Polyurethane coats roller coaster

PU(Polyurethane)is an engineering plastic of tough, crack-resistant and abrasion-resistant which lasts significantly longer than conventional rubbers and plastics.

Main characteristics:

Oil & Solvent resistance
Resistance to acids/bases
Excellent mechanical properties
Resistance to heat aging
Vibration Dampening build up (hysteresis)
Food grade applications


Industry: Gears, Cams, Bushes, Bearings, Gaskets, Pulleys, Liners.
Textile: Loom Pivot Bearings, Gears for Looms and Knitting Machines, Shuttles, Rollers.
Metal: Bearings, Bearing Cages, Slipper Pads, Gears, Bushes, Wear Strips, Rollers, Eccentric Rollers, Wobble Box Inserts.
Material Handling Equipments: Cranes / Forklifts / Conveyors, Ropeways
Automobile: Wear Rings, Pads, Swivel Bushes, Throttle Linkages, Bushes, Shakle Pin Bushes
Paper/Sugar Mills: Gears, Bushes Pulleys, Roller Bearings
Bottling & Food Processing: Star Wheels, Scrolls, Guides, Cams, Cam Followers, Rollers, Timing Screws
Marine: Bushes, Gears, Rings, Trunion Bearings, Rollers & Roller Bearings, Stern Tubes

The property:

PropertyItem No.UnitValue
2Hardness Shore D--60(+,-2)
3Tensile strengthMPa45
4100% ModulusºCMPa19.3
5Angle Tear strength, Die CKN/m120
6Elastic Resilience (%)%10
7Erapol temperature (ºC)ºC55~65
8DIN Abrasion Resistancemm 3100
9Post Cure @110ºCHours16
10Aging coefficient (100ºCX144h)-->0.9
11Coefficient of water resistance-->0.8
12Rate of volume changing (23 ºCX24h)-- <3

roller coaster:

Our Service:

1. Rich industry experience since 1988.
2. Wide arrange product line, including plastics sheet/rod/parts/accessories: MC NYLON, OIL NYLON, POM, UHMW-PE, PU, PETP, PC, PTFE, PVDF, PPS, PEEK, PAI, PI, PBI ect.
3. Manufacture, design and processing service as per your demand.

Product technology:

CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection,ect.

Processing Equipment:

CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding Machine,Extruder,Moulding press

Packaging &Shipping:

Packing in plastics bags,wooden case,pallet,container,ect.


Certification:ISO,SGS,FDA,RoHS,Test report,ect.


1.A: What's the size of plastics sheet?
B:Nylon sheet:Thickness*Width*Length:20-100*1000*2000mm
UHMW-PE sheet:Thickness*Width*Length:20-100*1000*2000mm; 20-100*1250*3130mm; 20-100*1250*4250mm
POM sheet:Width*Length:1000*2000mm

2. A:Can we purchase a small part of plastics sheet?
B: Yes,you can, if we have the size you require in stock.

3. A:What color of plastics sheet?
B: Nylon sheet: Natural,black,blue,or according to client's requiremnet.
UHMW-PE sheet: White,black,green ,bule,yellow,or according to client's requirement.

4. A:Can you manufacture the plastics products as per drawing?
B: Yes,we can.

5.A: What the precision of plastic products according to drawing?
B: Different machine with different precision,it usually around 0.05-0.1mm

6.A: What the technologies in producing plastics parts?
B: Different products with different technologies,such as CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection

7: A:What kinds of processing machine do you have?
B: CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding Machine,Extruder,Moulding press