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PU Cylinder for Machinery Conveyor Roller

Date:2023-09-20 09:50:50VIew:

We have over 14 years of experience manufacturing polyurethane rollers and have accumulated a large selection of tooling which allows us to cast most customer orders with little or no tooling cost. We maintain an assortment of tooling to cast many shapes, including:

Polyurethane & rubber covered Idle Rollers, Table Rollers, Looper Rollers
Polyurethane & rubber covered Conveyor Rollers, Bridle Rollers, Steering Rolls
Polyurethane & rubber covered Hold Down Rolls
Polyurethane covered Applicator rollers & wheels
Polyurethane & rubber covered Inker rollers on printing machinery.
These shapes are used in many applications such as drive rollers, idler rollers, feed rollers, and conveyor rollers. We also manufacture polyurethane rings, urethane pads and polyurethane tube.
1Hardness: shore A 10- Shore D 85
2High strength Under rubber hardness, its strength and loading capacity is much better than rubber. Under high hardness, its impact resistance and flexibility are much better than plastic.
3Excellent anti-abrasion performance it is about 3-5 times of rubber.
4Oil resistance Polyurethane is a strong polar polymer compound.Its affinity with non-polar oil is very slim, so there is almost no erosion in fuel oil and mechanical oil.
5Superior anti-aging properties, good resistance to oxygen and ozone

6PU Roller is with good physical properties, it won't harden or age under long term usage, and it maintains good tear resistance, resilience and anti-abrasion performance. It is easy to store for a long time. Its anti-abrasion performance is 3-5 times of rubber. Its life span is more than 3 times compared with rubber roller.
7It is with excellent mechanical reprocessing properties.
8The metal part strongly bonds with PU. It won't break out. It could also be oil resistance, water-proof or anti-solvent